Visitors information

At John Fawkner Private Hospital we understand that the presence of patient’s friends, families and loved ones is important for their recovery.

Please read through all of the information below, to ensure you understand our hospitals policies before you arrive.

Free on-site parking, including disabled parking, is available on the east side of the hospital off Moreland Road.

Buses run along Moreland Road and stop adjacent to the hospital.

The Moreland train station, on the Upfield line, is a short walk from the hospital.

The Sydney Road tram stops at the Moreland Road intersection which is also a short walk from the hospital.

Alcohol Policy

Visitors or patients are not permitted to bring alcohol into the hospital. Alcohol can have significant adverse effects when combined with medications.


During your stay you will be offered a range of carefully prepared and nutritionally balanced meals to select from.

Your menu will be presented to you daily so you may choose your meals in advance.

The menu has a wide range of choices and if you require assistance with your selection the Food Services Monitor will be pleased to assist you. This includes where you have specific dietary requirements such as low salt, diabetic, Halal, etc.

A ‘specials menu’ is available for our oncology patients, our menu monitor will be able to assist you with your choice.

Our dietitian is also available to assist you with special dietary needs.

Wine and light ale are available to be enjoyed with your evening meal upon request and subject to your doctor’s prior approval.

Meals for relatives or visitors are available for a fee which is charged to your hospital account (no charge to parents of paediatric patients).

John Fawkner Private Hospital is committed to providing a safe, healthy environment for patients, visitors, doctors and staff.

John Fawkner Private Hospital is a smoke free hospital which means that smoking is not permitted in any building or outdoor area within the boundaries of the hospital campus and there will be no areas designated for smoking.

It is expected that all patients, visitors, staff, contractors and tenants respect and comply with John Fawkner Private Hospital’s smoke free policy by not smoking while on the premises.

Patients can be contacted by calling the main hospital phone number on 03 9385 2500 and stating the patient’s name.

All telephones in the hospital have an ‘in-dial’ facility so that callers can dial in to the patient’s phone directly without having to go through the hospital's busy switchboard

We ask that mobile phones are switched off while in the hospital as they interfere with medical equipment.

General Wards:

Visiting hours are 2.00pm and 8.00pm daily. You can contact and speak with the Nurse Unit Manager of the ward if you require to visit outside of these hours.

In order for our patients to get the best possible rest, the avoidance of over stimulation is important and therefore we ask that you observe our rest periods. We encourage a rest period for all patients between 12:30pm and 2.00pm daily.

This rest is important to the patient’s recovery.

Please consider the patient's state of health and that of any other patients sharing the room.

Medication rounds are conducted at 8.00 - 9.00am, 12.00 - 1.00pm and 8.00 - 9.00pm.

During this time the nurses are dispensing and administering medications to the patients. There may be a delay in answering your enquiries during this time, so please leave a message for them to return your call.

Each patient care board has the patient room phone number listed. You should advise your family and visitors of the number to make it more expedient to put calls through to you.

Intensive Care Unit/Coronary Care Unit:

With due consideration of the health of all patients in the Intensive Care unit, only two visitors can be accommodated for each patient visitors to this area must speak to a nurse before visiting a patient.

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