Emergency Department

In an emergency, always call ‘000’ first

The Emergency Department at John Fawkner Private Hospital opened in the 1993 and treats over 10,000 patients annually.It is the only private 24 hour Emergency Department located in Melbourne’s north and northwestern suburbs and outer regional communities.

The Department is supported by a dedicated team of doctors and nurses, who are on standby to provide emergency treatment and care for patients. The Department is led by Dr Barry Chan, Director of Emergency.

The Emergency Department has direct access to comprehensive onsite diagnostic services, state of the art operating theatres and skilled on-call medical and surgical specialists and referral services.

We treat acute medical and most surgical and cardiac patients (excluding major trauma, head injury and acute stroke)

We welcome patients requiring:

  • Emergency surgery
  • Medical specialists
  • Medical Imaging: x-ray, CT, MRI, ultrasound
  • Rapid assessment and triage
  • Rapid pathology results
  • Comprehensive after-hours emergency services
  • On-call specialists

Patients also have direct access to John Fawkner Private Hospital's Critical Care Complex, including Intensive Care and Coronary Care Units with 24/7 medical coverage.

The Emergency Department features 12 cubicles including:

  • 1 dedicated resuscitation bay
  • 1 dedicated plaster bay
  • 1 isolation room for infectious diseases
  • On-site x-ray, MRI and CT scan
  • Car parking for up to 5 ambulance vehicles

Our Emergency Department treatment spaces are designed to provide privacy while reducing outside noise. 

Minimal Waiting Times

The Emergency Department offers patients the additional benefit of minimum wait times to access private emergency medical care when they need it most. You can check the average ED waiting times at any time here: Healthscope Assist

Please note: The most urgent patients are seen immediately. As the arrival of patients to the Emergency Department can fluctuate quickly, the wait times shown are communicated for information purposes only and may in no case be guaranteed.

Opening hours for Emergency

We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Address: John Fawkner Private Hospital, 275 Moreland Rd COBURG
Phone 03 9385 2266
Fax 03 9385 2445

Visiting John Fawkner Private Emergency Department

Emergency is accessed via the Moreland Road entry car park entry of the hospital and through the ambulance bay.

Temporary parking is available at the front of the Emergency Department entrance for up to 5 minutes with longer term parking available in the car park.

As a private patient, you are entitled to ask the ambulance to take you to the hospital of your choice. However, paramedics will advise you whether your transfer to John Fawkner can be accommodated.

Your family or friends are welcome to attend the emergency department with you. A maximum of 2 visitors at any time is permitted. Please note that your visitors may be asked to leave the room when the doctor takes your medical history,performs a physical examination or during medical procedures. We ask that all visitors respect the privacy of our patients and staff in the Emergency Department. PLEASE NOTE: During the current COVID-19 pandemic, NO VISITORS will be permitted in the Emergency Department.

  • Medicare card
  • Private health insurance details/card
  • Pension card (if relevant)
  • Healthcare card (if relevant)
  • DVA (veterans affairs) card (if relevant)
  • Correspondence from your GP or other medical professional which may be relevant
  • Current medications or prescriptions

When you arrive, the triage nurse will:

  • Take a brief history. They may also perform a brief physical examination
  • If your condition is assessed as high priority,you will be taken directly to a treatment bay for further assessment and treatment
  • If your condition is assessed as less urgent,clerical staff will collect further personal information from you before you are reassessed
  • You will be reassessed as soon as possible by another nurse before being assessed by a doctor
  • The doctor will organise additional investigations if required to make a diagnosis and will decide on the most appropriate treatment options for you


The Emergency Department medical services are provided by ED Specialist Services Pty Ltd, which is a company independent of Healthscope Operations Pty Ltd and John Fawkner Private Hospital. This is a privately funded emergency department and no Government subsidy is received.

Your total costs will vary depending on the investigations and treatments required for your care. The following out-of-pocket costs may apply.

This payment covers the administration costs for your Emergency Department visit and is payable in full on the day of attendance. This payment is not claimable from your private health fund and also applies if you are admitted to John Fawkner Private Hospital.

The medical fee will be bulk-billed direct to Medicare and will not require payment by you.

Depending on your treatment, you may also incur out-of-pocket pathology or radiology costs on top of the initial administration fees. A portion of these may be claimable under Medicare. Out-of-pocket hospital fees are not claimable under Medicare or private health insurance.

Out-of-pocket cost - $540

This payment covers the fee gap for your Emergency Department medical consultation and is payable in full on the day of attendance. This gap payment may be claimable from your insurer and also applies if you are admitted to John Fawkner Private Hospital.

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